Tips for Visiting Spain During the COVID-19 Pandemic

After travelling to Ali Canté, Spain, on a family holiday recently, we learnt a thing or two about travelling to Spain under current circumstances.  If you’re considering travelling to Spain soon, then check out our top tips for visiting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are simple rules that we thought could be helpful for fellow travellers – to put your mind at ease or to simply help you make a decision on whether to go ahead with your trip or not. From authority respect and mask-wearing tips, to deciding on a place to stay and transport mode, we hope our tips help on your next España adventure.


People in Spain respect the rules that are enforced by the Government and also the policing system. Therefore, we highly recommend you do the same when travelling in and around the country and as advised, wear your mask when out in public. That applies both indoors and outdoors and when moving around the beach.

When stationary on the beach, you can take the mask off. But if you go for a walk along the beach, you’ll be expected the have your mask on. It’s the same in hotels – wear a mask in all public places but take it off when you are seated.


It’s so hot in Spain during the summer time and masks certainly do not help keep you cool – they do the opposite! Therefore, we highly recommend avoiding cotton-type fabric masks at all costs – they are just too thick. Instead, get a pack of disposable masks that you can change every other day. You’re going to be sweating A LOT, especially when wearing the mask, so it’s also more hygienic to have a few that you can throw away rather than wearing the same cotton one over and over again.

Face coverings (e.g. a scarf around the face) aren’t taken well and you could be advised to swap it for a mask as Brett did by the tram conductor during our time in Ali Canté.


Hiring a car in certain areas of Spain (e.g. Ali Canté) is recommended anyway as it’s not a very walkable location. Seen as you’re now required to wear masks on all public transport, hiring a car has never been a better idea! You can relax in your own space (without your mask) while benefiting from being able to see more of the destination via road.

We recommend SIXT who we always use when hiring a car in Spain. They offer good deals and if you’re a student you can benefit from 10% discount.


Having your own space will be an absolute blessing anyway, let alone during the pandemic. Especially if you are travelling as a family or as a large group of friends. We highly recommend booking a villa or Airbnb.

If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook, you’ll have seen that we’ve just returned from a family trip to Ali Canté. Twelve of us stayed in a huge villa and having the space to relax together, without any concern over mask-wearing or following of guidelines, was priceless.

If you are concerned about travelling during the current situation, having a pool that only you and your loved ones are dipping in and out of will also put your mind at ease.



Mask-wearing on planes is mandatory including on airlines operating in and out of Spain (e.g. Ryan Air, EasyJet). We know many people who have cancelled or rearranged trips due to fear over travelling on a plane at the moment. Well, we travelled with family members of all ages (from aged 4 to 50+) and had no issues.

It’s only a short flight from the UK (and many other EU countries) to Spain so you arrive in no time. The number of people on board was very low and everyone respected the rules such as no queueing for the toilets and mask wearing at all times except when eating/drinking.

All we can say is don’t let the pandemic deter you from travelling if you feel it’s something you really want to do – life’s too short to not. The news and media channels make a lot of things seem worse than it really is and having travelled recently, we can say that it isn’t as bad as they make out. Go see for yourself! 

If you’re heading to the Costa Blanca region, we cannot recommend a day tip to Altea “The Spanish Santorini” enough! If you’re unsure, check out our post here. 

Also, don’t forget to check your local Government website ahead of travel to any destination.


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