4 of Lisbon’s Best Historical Sites

Lisbon is full of history and culture, which means there’s so much beautiful architecture to explore. Here, we have rounded up our top four favourite sights that we reccomend you visit on your next trip to Lisbon!


Belém Tower is such an awesome building laced with Portuguese architecture. It dates back to the 1500’s and was classified in the 1800’s as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It sits on the northern bank of the Tagus River.

Apparently, it’s usually really busy around this area especially in summer, which is when we visited. But given that not everyone is travelling at the moment, we were quite lucky to be able to enjoy a proper view of the monument where it wasn’t even too busy. There were people sat around in the park surrounding the tower having picnics, working out and relaxing after hours. What an awesome place to do so!

HOW TO GET THERE: From the centre, it takes approx. 45 minutes to reach by scooter or tram and just 15 minutes by car.

We chose to scoot all the way from our hotel and it took us about 45 minutes in the red hot sunshine. It was literally the best experience and such a good way to feel so free.

Taking the scooter cost around €25 each for a one-way journey. It turned dark when we were heading back to our hotel so we took the bus, which cost just €2 each for a 30 minute journey. So depending on your budget, time and energy, you could do either. But we think you should take the scooter.

ENTRY FEE: From €6 for Belém Tower | €12 for Belém Tower + Jerónimos Monastry | Check here for opening hours dependent on season.

TOP TIP: The place looks incredible at sunset.


The Monastry sits just before Belém Tower when visiting from the centre of Lisbon, which makes it really convenient to visit both at the same time. It’s such a stunning piece of work and you could easily spend an hour or two wondering around this place.

ENTRY FEE: €10 (adult) | €12 for Jerónimos Monastry + Belém Tower | Check here for opening hours dependent on season.


The Cathedral of Lisbon, also known as Sé de Lisboa, is a National Monument and one of the most important, oldest and iconic religious buildings in the city. Over the years, it’s had some modifications which makes it a really cool place to wander around.

HOW TO GET THERE: It’s located on the main road of Baixa to Alfama. The nearest metro station is Rossio. We stopped here on our scooters while exploring the Baixa district and parked our scooters on the roadside to walk inside.

ENTRY FEE: €2.50 (adult) | €1 (child | Open daily 10-5pm.

TOP TIP: You can pop your head in and have a look without paying the entrance fee, which is exactly what we did.


The Praça Marquês do Pombal is an iconic roundabout in the centre of Lisbon in the quarter of San Antonio near to the Eduardo VII Park. It’s a really impressive structure and each of the roads leads off to interesting areas. In the surrounding area, you’ll find several corporate headquarters, leading Portuguese banks, and world-leading 5-star hotels.

It’s definitely worth driving or walking past to check it out, but while exploring Lisbon, we’re sure you’ll come across it anyway as it’s so central.

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the blue and yellow lines to reach by tram. It’s also the first bus stop we got off at when going from the airport to our hotel.

There you have it, four of Lisbon’s best historical sites that you cannot miss on your next trip to Portugal’s capital city. Of course, there are many more historical sites to visit, but these where definitely our favourite.

Have you visited any of the historical sites listed here?


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