How to Get Around Lisbon on a Budget

Lisbon is a pretty huge city and there is so much to see and do. The most affordable option would be to walk adn given the warm weather, walking around Lisbon is definitely doable. However, there are a few things to consider if you plan touring the top site only by foot.

  • First, it can sometimes become too hot in the city, which can make walking around quite challenging.
  • Second, the city has a fair amount of uphill roads and paths, which may not be suitable for certain fitness levels/abilities.
  • Third, the city is huge and there is so much to see so depending on the time you have, walking might not be the best way to complete everything you set out to do.

Therefore, dependent on your time and energy, you might want to consider taking a different option.

Why not make your mode of transport part of the fun day out by taking a bus, tram and/or scooter for part of your journey?

Here, we have listed our favourite ways to get around Lisbon on a budget!


If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll already know how much fun we had touring the city by scooter. There are a few different companies offering scooter hire such as Bird, Lime and Bolt.

How do I use them?

To get started, you simply download the mobile app and top up €5, €10 or €15. Then, scan the barcode on the scooter via the app to unlock the bike and away you go! The app tells you how many miles the scooter can do before it needs recharging.

Once you’re finished riding, you park the scooter in a designated parking area not obstructing walkways. The app will advise on parking bays and won’t let you log out of the app until the scooter is parked an appropriate place.

Then, click ‘end ride’ on the app, and take a picture of the scooter securely parked, which then locks the scooter.

We chose Bird just because there was two scooters outside of our hotel when we wanted to try them so it was most convenient. But you will see scooters from all the companies dotted around the city.

What does it cost?

On our first try, we scooted around Lisbon for 1 hour and it cost €10. We even went spent a whole day sightseeing no them, which cost us €25 each.

Just make sure your bike has enough miles to get you to your destination. You’ll probably see more bikes on the way where you can swap it if not, but just be on the safe side especially if you are going to the edge of the city like we did on our way to Belém Tower and the Monastery. We couldn’t recommend them enough.


The trams are a tourist attraction in their own right and you can always know it’s Lisbon pictured if you see one of these! They are actually considered a form of rapid traffic because they have priority over other modes of transportation so maybe they are worth having a little ride on while touring the city in a hurry.

The quaint red and yellow trams (pictured) are popular with visitors as they rattle through the traditional, narrow streets of the city. The 28E yellow tram goes through the popular, scenic route of tourist areas Baixa, Alfama, Estrela and Graca. They are a great way to explore at leisure and see a lot of the popular areas and attractions. To reach Belém Tower by tram, take the 15E.

For more routes, we recommend checking out the link here.

How do I use them?

On the Remodelado trams (i.e. the traditional yellow and red trams), tickets are bought from the driver. Whereas on the Articulado trams, which are the more modern looking trams, tickets are purchased on the onboard ticket machines via cash or card.

Both the 28E and 15E  run daily from 7am-11pm with approx. four hourly departures.

What does it cost?

When purchased onboard the tram, it costs just 3 euros for a single ticket. This covers all tram routes. Tourists should take advantage of the 24-hour ticket which covers all the tourist areas for just €6.40.

TOP TIP: An unspoken, local rule is to board at the front and exit at the back.


The big yellow buses stand out all over the city. They are well connected to many of the main areas and everywhere in between. They offer a cheap and efficient way of touring the city during all hours. This makes them really good to see any part of the city on a budget.

We found it really efficient to take the bus from the airport to Marques de Pombal as our hotel (Legendary Lisboa Suites) was located nearby. It took approx. 35 minutes and cost less than €5 for two of us. 

How do I use them?

The buses operate between 5am and 1am with several night buses running too.You can pay the driver onboard. 

There are several main bus stops in the city centre including Rossio, Cais do Sodre, Martim Moniz, Marques de Pombal, Oriente, and Apolónia Station. 

What does it cost?

A one-day ticket to use both the buses and metro costs just €6.15. A single ticket costs €1.85. There are several popular routes and we recommend checking out this link for more information. 

Have you visited Lisbon before? Which mode of transport do you prefer to use?


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