How to Find Cheap Flights to Asia and Visit More Destinations

There are a few ways to find cheap flights to Asia and visit more destinations.

Flying from the Western World to Asia can be quite expensive given that we are pretty much on the opposite ends of the world.

But, Asia is renowned for idyllic beaches, cheap drinks and foods, inexpensive luxury accommodation and affordable massages, which is why many Westerners flock here for vacation year after year.

However, although it may be cheap upon arrival, the airfare can be pretty hefty when flying direct to certain destinations, which is why we have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you reach your dream paradise island on the cheap.

1. Fly to a cheaper destination in transit

If you are trying to travel to Bali for example, flights will likely be in the region of £800 during peak holiday time (e.g. British summer time).

However, you could fly to a nearby destination for much cheaper such as Kuala Lumpur (KL), where flights are likely to be around £450. Then, you can easily take a flight from KL-Bali for around £100.

You could even choose to stay over in KL for a night or two given that it’s a fairly cheap, cool city, and why wouldn’t you want to add another destination to your travels, right?

So, let’s say you have spent around £550 on flights. And, yes you will have incurred a little extra cost on accommodation and travel to the city from the airport, say around £100 between two of you. But, you would have still saved £150 and got to tick another destination off your bucket list.

Happy days!

2. Travel outside of your country’s main holidays

Do you really have to travel in August or can you afford to travel earlier in the year?

Certainly a question to ponder if you are trying to find a cheaper flight to Asia.

Flights can be more than double during the main holidays for obvious reasons (August through September is British summer time/school holidays in the UK). But, if you are flexible with going earlier or later in the year, you will find that prices drop drastically.

Of course you want to check the weather in Asia during various times of year. But, we have always travelled in June-July, paid around £450 for flights to Asia, and had mostly great weather.

Also, play around with the travel dates. Being flexible by even just a few days can save you a lot of money.

3. Plan ahead

It’s July and you want to travel to Asia next month.

Well, don’t be surprised when the price of flights cost you a decent months wage. The trick here is simple, plan ahead.

Often when we travel abroad, we are booking our flights way in advance (as much as 8-12 months in advance) in order to get the best price. It really does make a difference and will also allow you to snap up the best hotel deals.

4. Scout about for prices

A top website for long-haul flights is Skyscanner, which is where we have mostly found our best deals for long-haul flights.

There are many Online Travel Agents (OTAs) operating on here (e.g. BudgetAir, eDreams), which you will be directed to, and the airfare might go up as you are passed on to the company website.

In this case, ensure you double check Skyscanner again and perhaps try another OTA that might not increase the price as much when directed to their website.

Before you book though, it is best to browse the airlines own website (e.g. Emirates, Qatar etc.) as they might have deals on if you are lucky.

However, we have often found that booking direct can sometimes more than double the airfare, so be savvy.

There you have it, our tried and tested tips and tricks on finding cheap flights to Asia. If you take advantage of these methods, you can visit more destinations in the long run. You might also be interest in finding the best hotel deals anywhere in the world here.


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