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Welcome to The Travelling Guru – a travel blog dedicated to helping fellow adventurers enjoy luxury travel on a budget.

We are Tasha and Brett, a couple of 20-somethings from the UK who have been hooked on exploring new places and taking on new adventures all over the globe since we got together in 2012. From European destinations such as Switzerland and Munich to Asian hotspots such as Japan, China and Singapore, the journey never ends.

We enjoy travelling as a couple on a budget but also love the finer things in life. Therefore, our mission is to do what we call:

“Living the high life while travelling on a budget”

We do this through savvy search and booking techniques and knowing where and when to look for the best deals on accommodation, transport and trips.

We also cut unnecessary costs in certain areas so that we can enjoy a few luxuries here and there.

We recently founded The Travelling Guru to provide a platform where we can offer our best advice and share our tried and tested tips and resources with you so you can also live the high life while travelling on a budget!

We also aim to inspire you to visit our favourite destinations and offer advice on where to go and what to do when you get there. Visit our destination guides for Asia and the UK and Europe here.

We hope you find something useful here on our blog and you can read more about our individual backgrounds and things we do around blogging below.

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About Tasha

I am currently an Associate Lecturer and Academic Researcher investigating the relationship between emergent technologies and wellbeing.

Previously, I gained a 1st class BA (hons) Tourism Management before gaining a fully funded scholarship to study for my PhD, which explored the use of Virtual Reality (VR) for Retail Marketing.

Alongside my day job, I am a freelance writer and website designer and am the main writer for this blog.

In between travelling, I am an avid yogi and fitness addict and enjoy hiking, diving and photography.

About Brett

I am currently an Industry 4.0 Technology Consultant and freelance CAD designer,

Prior to this, I gained a BSc (hons) Design Engineering then went on to study for an MSc Industrial Digitalisation, which explored the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies in manufacture.

I specialise in Computer Aided Design (CAD) using various software including Fusion 360, Catia and SolidWorks and 3D print technology.

I enjoy finding solutions to problems and in between travelling, I enjoy keeping fit through weight training, boxing and diving.

What You’ll Find Here

Travel Hacks

Our travel hacks aim to help you save money on travel. You have to become savvy with the search and booking process and our travel hacks show you how.

Travel Tips

Having travelled far and wide, we have learnt many things the hard way. By sharing our expert travel tips, we hope to save you the hassle so you can spend your time doing what you travelled for, having fun!

Destinations & Adventures

A travel blog wouldn’t be complete without our adventures and destination experiences. We provide real and informative views and advice on visiting the best spots for affordable luxury travel in Asia, UK & Europe.



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