Granola balls are always handy to have for a quick breakfast or snack. The following recipes require a handful of ingredients and take as little as 10 minutes to prepare. The recipe can be easily adapted so you never tire of this yummy, guilt-free snack. Try experimenting with various flavours such as dried fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds, goji berries, or vegan honey. 

The following recipes make 20 granola bites or 10 bars

1. Peanut Butter Chocolate

2. Almond & Raisin

3. Cashew & Coconut


  1. Blend dates in a powerful food processor until small bits remain. Alternatively, slice finely with sharp knife.
  2. Add sliced banana and nut butter to the processor and mix again, scraping down the sides as necessary. Alternatively, smash banana with pestle and mortar, add smashed banana, dates and nut butter to a large mixing bowl and mix well.
  3. Then, add the oats and remaining ingredients and mix well, until a loose dough is formed.
  4. If using a blender, scrape the dough into a large mixing bowl.
  5. Set the dough aside and chill for 10 minutes.
  6. Scoop out 1 tbsp of dough mixture and mould into small balls with your hands.
  7. Add each ball to an airtight container, leaving a slight gap between them, ensuring each one is not touching the next.
  8. Place into the fridge and allow to chill for an hour before eating.


*Leftovers keep for several days when stored in an airtight container in the cupboard or fridge.